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"Jennifer Paz was one of three superb women singers. Her first number was "I'd Give My Life for You," and it showed she has the style down pat -- whispered and breathless with ample vibrato - Pittsburgh Live, DO YOU HEAR THE PEOPLE SING

"In the title role, Jennifer is sweet and sad without being cloying - not an easy task when you're required to sing the potentially self-pitying 'In My Own Little Corner.' She turns it into an anthem of resilience." -John Hartl, The Seattle Times

photo credit: Chris Bennion 2011

"And Jennifer Paz is easy to love as Cinderella herself; a difficult role to play, as the character could easily come off as vacant and two-dimensional, but Paz does a wonderful job - particularly in "In My Own Little Corner." -Michelle Schusterman

Kendra Kassebaum (Fairy Godmother), Jennifer Paz (Cinderella). photo credit: Chris Bennion 2011

 "Jennifer Paz, as appropriately pretty, yet spunky" "appealing" -Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay News

Jennifer Paz (Cinderella), with Suzanne Bouchard (Stepmother), Sarah Rudinoff (Grace), Nick Garrison (Joy). photo credit: Chris Bennion 2011

"Jennifer Paz was a spunky Cinderella with a perfect Disney princess voice. I last saw her as Mary Magdalene in the Village Theatre’s Jesus Christ Superstar, so it was great to see her name get top billing in this show. Paz is a star that we won’t get to keep for very much longer." -Scott G, The Sun Break

"Jennifer Paz, fresh off her stint as Mary Magdalene in Village Theatre’s Jesus Christ Superstar, headlines the technicolor production. Paz shares the stages with an incredible ensemble of singers including Kendra Kassebaum as the Fairy Godmother...The two play off each other well and voices harmonize perfectly with the song, “Impossible.” -Jeffrey Totey, The Examiner

Jennifer Paz (Cinderella), Kendra Kassebaum (Fairy Godmother) photo credit: Chris Bennion 2011

"Jennifer Paz makes a lovely and graceful heroine." -Brent Aronowitz, The Seattle Weekly

"Lovely and plucky Jennifer Paz" -Miryam Gordon, Seattle Actor 

"You won't find Jennifer Paz as Cinderella weeping at her fireplace any time soon. Paz's rendition of "My Own Little Corner" is so spirited and determined, you know she is already halfway out of the house and on her way to the palace. The beguiling Paz gives an especially heartfelt and endearing performance. Paz's Cinderella doesn't necessarily need a godmother or prince to rescue her because she brings herself to the empowering realization that "impossible things are happening every day."  -Dewey Mee, Daily Record

Miss Saigon Oqunquit Playhouse with Greg Goodbrod (Chris), and Jennifer Paz (Kim). photo credit Jay Goldsmith Photography 2011

"As the delicate Kim, Paz is shatteringly gentle of spirit yet blisteringly fierce when it comes to defending her child Tam...from the threats of her ex-lover Thuy...Her soft romantic glow, combined with an unwavering determination to make life better for her son, imbues her with a heartbreaking angelic beauty that knocks the wind right out of the audience in her final moments. Her singing, which ranges from innocent ("Unicorn") to passionate ("Last Night of the World," "Sun and Moon," "I Still Believe") is quietly potent and sweetly penetrating." -BroadwayWorld Boston

"And Jennifer Paz (also a Village regular) is a tender Mary Magdalene, whose rendition of the stand-out tune, "I Don't Know How to Love Him," has a limpid, silken quality." - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

“Jennifer Paz shines as the Narrator from the moment she sets foot on stage. Not only does she have a remarkable voice but she completely engages the audience by actually telling the story. So often the Narrator of this show just sings pretty. Paz really conveys the tale in a way that we can’t wait to hear what’s next.” -Jay Irwin, BroadwayWorld

"the engaging Jennifer Paz" -Louise Kennedy, Boston Globe

“As Cathy, Jennifer Paz is equally adroit with a soliloquizing song…” (The Last Five Years, 2009 LA Ovation Nomination for Best Lead Actress) -Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times

"But it would be hard to beat this cast, in particular Paz, who has one of the best voices in musical theater. She exudes raw emotion, conveying Cathy's deep heartache in the opener, "Still Hurting," which plays well juxtaposed to Lee's highly comical rendition of the next number, "Shiksa Goddess." -Jeff Favre, Backstage

“The principals are mostly ‘Saigon’ veterans from Broadway or the show’s national tours. As his doomed love, the clear-voiced Jennifer Paz gives Kim a stillness and integrity; the show is hers, and she takes it with modesty and grace.” (Miss Saigon, South Bay CLO – 2008 LA Ovation Award Recipient for Best Lead Actress in a Musical) -Charlotte Stoudt, Los Angeles Times

“Petite Jennifer Paz has a sweet but powerful voice just right for the heroine, Belle, a kind and beautiful girl who loves to read.” -Nancy Worssam, The Seattle Times

“Jennifer Paz delivers a sound and sweet rendering of Belle, her disciplined voice in songs like “A Change in Me” conveying the longing and sensibility of a misfit in her provincial village." -Gianni Truzzi, Seattle P.I.

“…the Village presents Broadway veteran Jennifer Paz as Eva Duarte…Petite, earnest Paz captures Evita’s focused ambition…She sings the anthem “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina” and other tunes well." -Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

“Paz brings an understated elegance to the opening title number, and she and Kerry Carnahan are a hoot as the slightly sloshed women who tsk-tsk about the lack of ‘Class’ in society and as the ‘Grass is Always Greener’ duo.” (And the World Goes ’Round, East West Players) -Don Shirley, Los Angeles Times

“Paz brought an unstudied warmth to the proceedings.” (Flower Drum Song, Mark Taper Forum) -Michael Phillips, Los Angeles Times

"Jennifer Paz is giant-sized talent in a compact frame." -Backstage WEST

“Forget the helicopter, the thing to look out for in ‘Miss Saigon’ is 22-year old Jennifer Paz, who won the role of Kim with no professional experience in an open audition when she was a mere 19. Critics in Boston, Washington, Denver and Detroit have hailed her naturalness and lovely voice. Longtime ‘Saigon’ watchers say she’s the best Kim ever. Watch her find her love and lose him (that damn helicopter is in the way) at the renovated Ahmanson Theatre when the show opens on Jan. 25.” -Laurie Winer, Los Angeles Times Calendar, Faces to Watch

“Under the direction of Nicholas Hytner, the cast, as I’ve already indicated, is simply wonderful. Jennifer Paz in the title role, is a revelation, a lost soul in a mirror of innocence. She sings sweetly, and with power, and acts through the music with total conviction.” (Miss Saigon 1st National US Tour) -Kevin Kelly, The Boston Globe

“As the innocent native girl left behind in war-torn Vietnam by her American soldier, Paz offers a poignant portrayal and a powerful singing voice. She’s delicate and small…her powerful voice is paired beautifully with his [Jarrod Emick as Chris] big, emotional vocalizing. -Richard Christiansen, The Chicago Tribune